Hi there ^_^

It's belo4ka [bi`elochka] here. My first (also main) character as a digital and traditional artist. This is my official artistic name since 2003. The original form of belo4ka is light with consciousness. Polymorphic illusion - prefer to look like a white anthropomorphic squirrel-cat.

I draw because I LOVE it and this is a huge part of my life. Art is my way to share the feelings and make the world (and myself) happier :3

Digital Art

Traditional Art

Sofia Lioness

Sofia means "wisdom", alternative character and a fursuit was build by Basil Lion. The first appearance of this character was at EuroFurence in 2010.

I don't have any individual internet accounts for Sofia.

If you see anywhere account named Sofia Lioness - it's a FAKE!

- I'm not a professional dancer and never learned how to dance. So it's useless to ask me any questions about this. I'm just having fun.
- I'm not trying to "catch" anyone. I was caught by my lion Love more than 11 years ago ^__^
- My suit is a fullsuit (covers all body) made from the fur for a plush toys.
- Idea and design of Sofia fursuit belongs to me. Suit made by my husband Basil Lion. Outfits are usually crafted by my mother Mira.

Anna Haro

Anna (Ganna) Haro - Digital and Traditional artist and Life Coach.

I was born, live and work in Kiev, Ukraine . Married to Basil Lion. Have Master's degree in Psychology (Graduated with Honors). ICF-Certified Coach (Erickson Coaching International).

From 2005 till 2016 worked as Art-Director and head of Charity Department for WUFF convention in Kiev, Ukraine.

Founded and actively participating in one of my own motivational projects - DreamON.

Interests: Traveling, animal shelter volunteering, psychology and self-improvement literature, poetry, martial arts.

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